My Office

Worried about working with someone hundreds or even thousands of miles away? No need! I practice at the highest level of freelance ethics. While my communications consulting and graphic design agency is based in Fruitland, Idaho (just an hour outside of Boise), I have a fully-equipped office with the best equipment and software in the business. Once we begin working together, I will give you regular updates as to where I am in the process of your project. I work out a “check-in” process with each individual client so you can see where I am on your project at any given time. I can even set up a web conference where you can actually see what I am working on and I can walk you through the work process. That means you can actually see your product as I work on it!

No more worries about designers who disappear off the face of the earth after they collect a deposit. I’m also available to chat via Skype or email. Feeling concerned about your project? I completely understand! My mission statement is, “Earn your respect. Provide quality creative services. Work with integrity.” I will do what it takes to ensure that the creative process is as worry-free as possible.